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Yuda Ambalo

1967 – 2012

Yuda started out in business with his father, importing oriental rugs. When in 1992 a major deal meant the company needed to expand its warehouse space, Yuda took his first steps into the property business. He sourced and acquired the former Trebor Bassets Maynard Sweets factory from Cadburys Schweppes for a consortium of carpet importers.

Over the next two years Yuda oversaw the £2m project, which involved the demolition and rebuild of some units, as well as the complete refurbishment of 250,000 sq. ft. of office and light industrial studios. He let 90% of the space to other carpet traders, rebranded it as the Oriental Carpet Centre and established it as a thriving centre.

From these beginnings the Investland Group was born. Yuda together with Michael and Joe Gerrard, established a dream team, each bringing their own specialities into the company.

Yuda discovered that not only he had an eye for architecture and design but also the foresight to seek opportunities in areas such as Hackney, Peckham and Clerkenwell before anyone else had considered developing in these areas. His talent for identifying the right properties for the Investland portfolio and establishing firm relationships with architects, surveyors and structural engineers meant that Investland was swiftly on the road to success.
Throughout the ten years that he was battling his illness Yuda never allowed it to affect his drive to take the business forward and most colleagues were unaware of how unwell he actually was.

Yuda’s eye for detail, business acumen, intuition and unyielding drive will be missed but the legacy he established will only go on from strength to strength.