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Urban Regeneration

Investland appreciates that urban regeneration is much more than bricks and mortar. It involves thinking about the needs of the local community and creating a positive local environment. The company pays as much attention to communal and environmental concerns as it does to the design and construction of the apartments its buildings contain. The result is the creation of quality residential environments where people want to live.

Investland’s principles have been upheld in the sensitive restoration of Kingsland Basin. The company commissioned a number of specialist studies from conservation experts which helped to shape its development plans. After consulting with the WWT Wetland Advisory Service, ‘The Green Plan’ was submitted to Hackney Council and British Waterways to provide a range of cost-effective methods to counter the environmental degradation of Kingsland Basin and turn it into a thriving section of Britain’s waterways. Investland remains the only development company to have committed itself to funding the restoration of the polluted basin, having commissioned a framework study to help shape the regeneration of the area.

Kingsland Basin is by no means an isolated example. Unusually for a developer, Investland’s social conscience extends far beyond its own developments into the local community. This has led to the opening of vacant space in pre-developed buildings for various educational and charitable bodies. By engaging with Hackney Co-operative Developments, Investland will also provide pop-up workshops and office space to help establish creative hubs, enabling people with complementary skills to live and work in their local area.